Advancements in artificial reef technology and application has rapidly increased in recent years as one potential means of addressing concerns over ocean production and species diversity loss. Artificial reefs involve the  installation of purpose built structures on the sea floor which aim to boost fish recruitment or provide habitat. Recently, several artificial reefs have been installed off the Western Australian coastline. These installations provide safe opportunities for fishers being generally relatively close to shore and in protected waters.

Indo-Pacific Environmental has been commissioned by Recfishwest and the Western Australian Government Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to undertake surveys of potential reef sites prior to installation. This involves bathymetric mapping, benthic assessment to characterise bottom sediment types, and identify the marine habitats present, in addition to the deployment of BRUVs to assess existing fish assemblages. IPE has performed surveys for artificial reef developments including reefs  in Albany, Kalbarri, Carnarvon, Dampier, and Port Hedland.